Points Of Interest

Shiraz Attractions

Some beautiful attractions of Shiraz are located in the north of the river such as tomb of Hafez and tomb of Sa’di, two famous Iranian poets.

The Badgirs of Yazd

Any summer visitor to Yazd will understand immediately why the city’s roofscape is a forest of badgirs (windtowers or ventilation shafts).

Yazd Water Museum

Yazd is famous for its underground aqueducts and Water Museum, one of the best of its kind, devoted to the brave men who built them.

Zurkhaneh in Yazd

Saheb A Zaman Zurkhaneh in Yazd used to be a cavernous water reservoir built around 1580 and resembles a standing egg from the inside.

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

The beautiful and stunning three-storey facade of Amir Chakhmaq Mosque Complex is one of the largest such structures in Iran.

Yazd Jameh Mosque
Jameh Mosque Yazd

Jameh Mosque in Yazd is a mosque with a magnificent building and a tiled entrance portal that is one of the tallest in Iran.

Kelisa-ye Vank

Kelisa-ye Vank in the Armenian neighbourhood is the historic focal point of the Armenian Church in Iran.

Chehel Sotun

Built as a pleasure pavilion and reception hall, this beautifully proportioned palace is called Kakh-e Chehel Sotun.

Jame Mosque Esfahan

Jame Mosque in Esfahan is a veritable museum of Islamic architecture while still functioning as a busy place of worship.