How is it possible that the utterly picturesque port town of Kong (pop 5500) a mere 5km east of Bandar-e Lengeh, has remained so far off the tourist radar? Culture aficionados and seekers of the offbeat will love exploring its maze of alleyways flanked by historical buildings and old traditional houses with elaborately carved wooden doors – not to mention more than 300 badgirs (wind towers), a small maritime museum and a handicrafts center.

Accommodation options are limited, but there’s the delightful Ecotourism Hotel right in the middle of the old town. This well-run guesthouse is an opportunity to stay in a traditional home brimful of local charm. Rooms are super clean and well organized; most have private facilities. Your host, Mohammad, can organize various tours and will happily pick you up at the savari station in Kong if you give him a call.
You’ll find a few cafeterias and modest eateries on the seafront and near the market. Meals can also be had at the Ecotourism Hotel.
All savaris between Bandar Abbas and Bandar-e Lengeh can drop you in Kong. Take a taxi ride to Bandar-e Lengeh. Find inspiration at

Where to Go :

  • Castle Portuguese
  • Golbatan Historic site
  • Darya Pond

Points Of Interest



This village, at 1700m elevation and just north of the no-torious Evin Prison, is one of Tehran’s most pleasant urban escapes


Caspian Sea

At 370,000 sq km the Caspian (Darya-ye Khazar) is five times the size of Lake Superior.That  makes it by far the world’s largest lake.


Jamshidieh Park

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