Iran Cultural Tour (Center & South)

Day 1

Tehran full day city tour, including palaces and museums such as Niavaran palace, national and jewelry museum, Milad Tower o/n hotel.

Day 2

Trip to Isfahan en route visting Qom (Masoomeh Shrine), lunch in kashan and visiting Fin Garden, drive to Isfahan, O/N hotel.

Day 3

Isfahan full day city tour, including Imam Square and mosque, sheik Lotfollah mosque, Aali Qapoo palace, lunch, visiting bridges of Isfafhan (Sio-se pol, khaju bridge, shahrestani bridge) dinner, O/N hotel.

Day 4

Isfahan full day city tour, including Vak Cathedral, Pigeon Tower, lunch, chehel sotoon Palace, afternoon free time in bazar, O/N hotel.

Day 5

Trip to Shiraz visiting, Izad khast village, Pasargadea (tomb of Cyrus the great) lunch and drive to Shiraz, O/N hotel

Day 6

Trip to persepolis (world heritage cite) lunch, visiting Naqsh Rostam, Naqsh Rajab, drive back to shiraz, O/N hotel.

Day 7

Shiraz full day city tour, including pink mosque, Narenjestan Mansion, Shah Cheragh shrine, lunch, Hafez Tomb, Saadi Tomb, free time in Vakil Bazar O/N hotel.

Day 8

Trip to Kerman, visting Shahpour Palace and Neyroz old mosque, lunch and drive to Kerman, O/N hotel.

Day 9

Trip to Rayen visiting Arg-e-Rayen (old citadel), drive to Mahan, lunch, shahnematolah Mausoleum, Prince Garden, drive back to Kerman, visiting GanjAli khan old bath house, free walk in the bazar, O/N hotel

Day 10

Trip to Yazd, visiting Pistachio gardens, lunch, visiting towers of silence, O/N hotel.

Day 11

Yazd full day tour, including fire temple, Jame mosque, Amir chakhmagh square, lunch, Dowlat Abad Garden (the tallest wind catchets), water museum, O/N hotel.

Day 12

Trip to Tehran, visitin Naeen Old mosque, kashan old houses, lunch, drive to Tehran intl airport, or O/N hotel

End of tour